In Content Expertise, Clients Trust

The Internet is great place for building relationships. Business relationships. Building relationships, in turn, is about trust. Often trust and engagement go hand in hand. If you want a potential client to engage your professional assistance, build their trust. If you want a potential client to trust you, start by trying to connect with them. […]

.Lawyer Domain Names

Lawyer Domain  Names We routinely advise lawyers on domain name selection. My boilerplate recommendations are: Think about your email address first and your website second; Don’t be a slave to search engine optimization (SEO); Don’t register dozens of domain names if you only need one; and Choose something distinguishable from your competitors. There are, however, […]

Put Your Firm on Display

What is display advertising? You’ve likely noticed banners including text, logos, pictures or rich media when visiting some of your favourite websites. These are referred to as display ads. Imagine a traditional magazine ad with a few unique advantages. Google Display ads allow for flexible ad formats, targeting options to connect with your audience, and […]

The Nuts and Bolts of Running a Website: Domain Names and Web Hosting

Keep a copy of your Logins To run a website you need a domain name (sometimes referred to as a URL*) and web hosting. They are not the same thing although the same company can take care of both elements for you. There are some administrative efficiencies to be gained if you register your domain […]

***** Best Lawyer in Town — Managing Law Firm Reviews

Reviews Rule According to Google: 97% of consumers research products and services online before buying locally. 90% of customers say that buying decisions are influenced by reading online reviews. 55% of small businesses have zero reviews on the web. The Best Lawyer These numbers suggest that besides a website, attracting positive reviews should be a […]

The Great Email Consent Gold Rush of 2014

With Canada’s anti-spam legislation coming into force on July 1st, professional services firms are rushing to “use it or lose it” with their mailing lists. If your firm has an existing mailing list that you use to reach clients, prospects, or people in your referral network, you’ll need them to expressly opt-in to receive future communications. […]

Interesting Lawyers Needed

In Search of Interesting Legal communications are defined by precise, qualified, long-winded, and (sometimes admittedly) boring language.  Most lawyers are best suited to communicating within legal audiences. This presents obvious challenges in marketing law firms where the recipients of the message are, for the most part, not lawyers. News Flash: when even the eyes of other […]

The Risks of Redesign

The thing about change is that it is value neutral. Despite a commonly held assumption that change is for the better (see also progress), one of the risks of change is that things may actually get worse. This risk is certainly applicable to web design. In redesigning a website, what if you make it worse? […]